Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A WebQuest is a resource in which you find some directed activities consisting of some research and the elaboration of a final task. They are normally quite interesting and rewarding. There are plenty of WebQuests in the net, dealing with very different topics. In the following list there are some I find really useful.

Sightseeing London. A virtual trip to this wonderful city.

The British Isles. Learn about its interesting history and culture.

Do you know Shakespeare? Some research to learn a bit about the author and his plays.

The Brothers Grim. Do you know these fairly tale tellers?

My good habits. Analyze your habits and check if they are healthy.
Singing Peace. Some songs which talk about peace.
Who Made My Trainers? How To Be A Responsible Consumer.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I've been asked to share one of my experiences about teaching, but certainly, I cannot choose one. Every day is a new experience, facing new situations, teaching and learning new things... I love every second, even the "worst" ones, that is, when things don't work as I would like them to work, because even in these situations, I keep learning.
However, if I have to choose the best part of my job, I choose all my students!