Thursday, December 5, 2013

Talking about the future - revision on Unit 3

Revise the theory with the following presentation:

And if you feel you need more practice, why don't you do these activities?

Activity 1: some examples.
Activity 2: use.
Activity 3: more detail about use.
Activity 4: "Will" or "Going to" 1
Activity 5: "Will" or "Going to" 2
Activity 6: "Will", "Going to" or Present Continuous? 1
Activity 7: "Will", "Going to" or Present Continuous? 2
Speaking activitiy: "going to" for predictions. What's going to happen?

And here you have a really funny song which uses the futures:

To hear a really nice one with a fill in the gaps activity, click this link.

And still one more, but this one is a bit sad...

As you know, you can also revise the vocabulary and the listening activities we've done in class here.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Reflecting on our learning and learning a bit more with jokes

Are you good at learning languages? Have you already found your best strategies? Take the following quiz in order to know you a bit more.

One of the best ways of learning is by having fun! So, why don't you visit the following page, with jokes in English?

Revision Unit 2

Here you can find activities to revise unit 2, including the listening ones. Enjoy!

You can also watch the video Mr. Bean's Sandwich and practise Present Simple and Continuous, Past Simple, vocabulary on food, and even some and any.

Subject Questions

Past Simple and Past Continuous

Revision on Past Simple:

Activity 1: affirmative.
Activity 2: negative.
Activity 3: questions.
Activity 4: mixed
Do you want to play a Quiz Show with irregular past forms? Here it goes!
More activities: Mr. Bean at the Dentist.

Past Continuous: 

Activity 1: affirmative.
Activity 2: negative.
Activity 3: questions.

Past Simple and Past Continuous:

Activity 1.
Activity 2.
Activity 3.
Activity 4.
More revision and activities
And still more!

With the lovely song "Yesterday" you can practise the Past Simple:

Find a" fill in the gaps" activity here, and one more here.

One song that I hope you love: I lived, by One Republic. (short version here)

Another song by John Lennon to practise the Past Continuous: Jealous Guy.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Revision on Unit 1

Clik on this link to revise the contents in Unit 1: introductions, describing people, describing pictures, Art, definitions, Present Simple and Continuous, Relative Clauses... You will also find the listening activities we've done in class.

You can use the following link, too:

And the wonderful song "Imagine":

Would you like to hear a really funny song about family? Check this one!

Defining Relative Clauses

Here you can find theory and some games to practise the use of defining relative clauses. Play the games and have fun!

Present Continuous

In order to revise the Present Continuous tense, here you can find the presentation with the theory and some activities. Enjoy!

Present simple or continuous? activity 123 and 4

Describing and contrasting pictures.

And also you can learn this funny song:

Fancy another funny one? Listen to Lemmon Tree, with comprehension activities.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Present Simple

We have been talking about the Present Simple Tense. Here you can find some extra practice.

Video and activities 1: Daisy's hobbies.
Video and activities 2: It's a dog's life!

Present Simple, by Jess_teacher from Jess_teacher

Would you like to listen to a song to practise the Present Simple? I'm Like a Bird, by Nelly Furtado. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Adjectives - describing people. Personality, appearance, clothes & fashion...

Here you can find some games to revise and learn adjectives and word order.
 Activity 1: appearance.
 Act. 2: appearance 2.
 Act. 3: appearance 3.
 Act. 4: personality.

More activities with useful vocabulary: describing a person.

Try also the following listening activity on personality types, and this video on describing people.

Why don't you create a gift describing some feelings? Use Giphy; or create a meme with Picmonkey or  Pixrl.

Do you want to learn more about adjectives and more adjectives of personality and appearance? Look at this!

And still some more! On personality:



And finally, some on feelings:

What is an adjective? Have a look at the following presentation.

Adjectives from GabbieAllTheWay7

One more set of adjectives, with audio.

MOODS (estados de ánimo)

1. SURPRISED (sorprendido/a)
Well, well! 
Good heavens! 
Did you really? 
2. ENTHUSIASTIC (entusiasmado/a)
Oh, I think it's wonderful!
Tennis is a great sport!
I can't think of anything better!
3. IN PAIN (dolorido/a)
Ouch! I've just cut my finger!
Phew! I thought you said that wouldn't hurt!
4. DISGUSTED (disgustado/a)
Ugh! How can you eat that stuff? 
Yuk! How can you eat that stuff? 
Eeugh! That looks awful! 
5. APPREHENSIVE (atemorizado/a)
Well, I don't know . . .
Oh, dear!
6. BORED (aburrido/a)
Mm, it's all right, I suppose, if you like that sort of thing.
Well, I don't worry either way, really.
7. ANNOYED-ANGRY (molesto/a-enojado/a)
You might have told me!
I don't think that's funny at all!
Would you please close the window!
He must have know, surely!
8. IRONIC (irónico/a)
Oh, yeah! Fantastic!
Opera? Oh, I love opera. I can't get enough of it.

EMOTIONS (emociones)

1. ABSOLUTELY AMAZED (estupefacto/a)
You say you've passed the exam? That's incredible! 
You never thought you'd pass, did you? 
2. DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED (muy decepcionado/a)
Oh no, that's really bad news. He'll be so upset. 
I really thought he stood a good chance. That's awful. 
3. THOROUGHLY ANNOYED (sumamente molesto) 
Oh, for goodness' sake! Can't you get anything right?! 
4. UTTERLY DISGUSTED (completamente disgustado/a) 
Ugh! You're not going to eat that, are you?! It looks dreadfull Ugh! 
5. THOROUGHLY EXHAUSTED (totalmente extenuado/a) 
Phew! After all that exercise, I'm worn out! Phew!
6. DEEPLY OFFENDED (profundamente ofendido/a) 
How could you've treated me like that! I just don't understand...
7. HIGHLY AMUSED (muy divertido/a)
That was very funny. Really - very, very funny!
8. ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED (categóricamente decidido/a) 
I'm going to finish putting this table together if it's the last thing I do! 
9. DEEPLY MOVED (profundamente conmovido/a)
I think that must be the most moving film I've seen for a very long time. 
It was done so beautifully. 
10. UTTERLY DEPRESSED (completamente deprimido/a)
I just don't feel like it, that's all. I just can't be bothered... 
I don't know... I just don't... I just don't want to do anything.

And now... let's practice! Describe these people: 

Describing people from Susana Sousa V

Finally ... why don't you do this awesome quizz on Fashion

Welcome, my Basic 2 students!

My dear students, HERE WE ARE! Facing a new adventure: learning a bit more English! I hope this blog will be useful and fun. Enjoy!
To begin with, I would like to recommend you a place where you can practice some basic concepts by playing: my Wiki. Also my wonderful partner has created many activities to work on the contents of your level on your own. Have a look here.