Exam practice

EOI exam.

General practice:

Listening exam practice_

  • Based in our lessons here.
  • The following two websites are PERFECT TO PRACTISE for your EXAM: English Aula and Exam English. There you will find plenty of activities for PET exam - remember that for the EOI exam you only need to practice Part 2 and Part 3. 

Speaking practice:

Cambridge exams.

On the Internet there are several sites which offer practice for the KET and PET examination papers, very similar to our Basic 2 exam at the EOI. Please, take into accout that the following links are based in the Cambridge exam, not in ours! You know exactly how our exam is, but you can keep on checking using this link. Do also bear in mind that Basic 2 is in between PET and KET, that is, PET is a little bit easier, and KET is a little bit more difficult than our level at the Official School. So, here you are, my recommendations!

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