Reflecting on our learning and learning a bit more with jokes.

Are you good at learning languages? Have you already found your best strategies? Take the following quiz (the  same one in this new link) in order to know you a bit more, or find more quizes and tips in this blog entry. You can also have a look here for tips on learning a language.

One of the best ways of learning is by having fun! So, why don't you visit the following page, with jokes in English? Moreover, you can try to learn some riddles or tounge-twisters, they're great to practice pronunciation and vocabulary!!!

Why don't you check these videos with tips in order to think in Enlglish: 1 and 2.

By the way... have you heard about multiple intelligences? Check this link to watch a video and find your strong points! It comes from the website Best Carreer Match, which helps you find the career that suits you. Why don't you take this test for advice?


Do you remember that I recommended you to use "Wikipedia: simple English"? Here is the article on the origins and traditions about "All Hallows Eve". Remember that you can use Wikipedia to read about almost anything you are interested in while you practise your English.

Here you have the song: 

And please, don't forget to watch the Halloween episodes from the Simpsons I recommended, they all deal with Anglosaxon culture.

If you want to see again our language assistant.s presentation on Halloween, click here.

Common words in English. 

Warning!!! The following videos may contain swear words...  But they are useful to learn syntax, or parts of speech. 

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