Reflecting on our learning and learning a bit more with jokes.

Are you good at learning languages? Have you already found your best strategies? Take the following quiz in order to know you a bit more.

One of the best ways of learning is by having fun! So, why don't you visit the following page, with jokes in English?

Moreover, you can try to learn some riddles or tounge-twisters, they're great to practice pronunciation and vocabulary!!!


Do you remember that I recommended you to use "Wikipedia: simple English"? Here is the article on the origins and traditions about "All Hallows Eve". Remember that you can use Wikipedia to read about almost anything you are interested in while you practise your English.

Here you have the song: 

And please, don't forget to watch the Halloween episodes from the Simpsons I recommended, they all deal with Anglosaxon culture:

Tools for teachers.

They're literally infinite... That is why I'm going to start a list here, even to organize myself...

  • Herramientas para evaluar (Kahoot, etc. )
  • For students to create memes and gifts, Glogster, talking avatars, comics, videos, presentations... 

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