As I know you are a bit worried about improving your listening skills, I reccommend you to try some of these activities. And please remember that you can also listen again to all the activities we do in class. The more you listen, the more you learn!

Use also some of the following links:

  • One of my favourites: the British Council website, where you can practise not only listening with wonderful videos, but also all your skills in a funny way.
  • Podcast from BBC.
  • BBC Students News: varied videos with complete transcripts. 
  • LearEnglish-online contains practice with films, trailers, songs, radio, TV and a wide variety of videos. It's great!!!
  • Plenty of activities in ESL.
  • Audio books.
  • Ello: thousands of video lessons.
  • Nobuna: and still more!
  • And an impresive blog with an extensive guide to videos and podcast resources. 
  • With the website Movie Segments to Asses Grammar Goals you can use plenty of movies to practice listening, grammar and vocabulary in a really fun way. Try it, its great! 
  • The following two websites are PERFECT TO PRACTISE for your EXAM: English Aula and Exam English. There you will find plenty of activities for PET exam - remember that for the EOI exam you only need to practise Part 2 and Part 3. 
  • Famous English Speaker Youtubers, and Josh's favourites here. 

Some pages to practise with songs:

And please, remember the most important point, the key to learning: DON'T PANIC! PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

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