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The Internet is a huge world, and it is almost impossible to know all the resources for learning English it contains. These are some of the ones I know which I find more useful. Please, share with us any others you may know!

  • BBC Learning English and BBC Learning English: language. Undoubtely, one of our main references.
  • Learning English British Council. And the other one!
  • In my Wiki you can find some funny activities in order to practise basic grammar and vocabulary
  • In this blog, created by one of my partners at the EOI, you have activities to revise all the contents in Basic 2 - including the listening ones. 
  • This blog is impressive: it contains links to thousands of links to other resource pages. Take your time to investigate! For example, the list of social networks where you can practise your English, or the section on funny stuff
  • And of course, we cannot forget the most useful one of all: our favourite online dicctionary, Wordreference
  • Ana recommended a page with plenty of activities, wonderful listening ones: La Mansión Del Inglés.
  • OM offers free courses on the Basic and Pre-Intermediate levels, conversation, and a lot more!
  • You can also have a look to this blog, with a huge amount of activities. There you can revise basic concepts, using the resources for Beginners; and reinforce the contents on your level, from Elementary to Intermediate. 
  • LearnEnglish-online contains an impressive amount of activities, too; mainly to practise grammar
  • With the website Movie Segments to Asses Grammar Goals you can use plenty of movies to practice not only listening, but at the same time grammar and vocabulary. Try it, its great! 

You will find resources for specific skills in every skills section.

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