Thursday, December 5, 2013

Talking about the future - revision on Unit 3

Revise the theory with the following presentation:

And if you feel you need more practice, why don't you do these activities?

Activity 1: some examples.
Activity 2: use.
Activity 3: more detail about use.
Activity 4: "Will" or "Going to" 1
Activity 5: "Will" or "Going to" 2
Activity 6: "Will", "Going to" or Present Continuous? 1
Activity 7: "Will", "Going to" or Present Continuous? 2
Speaking activitiy: "going to" for predictions. What's going to happen?

And here you have a really funny song which uses the futures:

To hear a really nice one with a fill in the gaps activity, click this link.

And still one more, but this one is a bit sad...

As you know, you can also revise the vocabulary and the listening activities we've done in class here.