Do you think English pronunciation is difficult? You are not the only one...

Listening activities are really useful in that sense, but practising a bit with the phonemic chart is also necessary. Have a look!

BBC Learning English also contains a phonetic chart, learning tips and quizzes.

If you want to know even more resources, this webpage contains links to many more. Take your time, investigate a bit, and share the best you find!

In OM you can find a free course, with plenty of activities, to learn about English pronunciation.

An extensive compilation in Cristina Cabal's blog, impressive and really useful.

Why don't you try some tounge twisters?


Watch this video with usually mispronounced words, from  the great website Englis Vid.

Also check this article on silent letters, and play the game Silence Invaders to practise them. There are plenty more here.

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