Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reflecting after your essay on art

After doing the activity, I would like you to answer to this questions. You may do it using a Voki, it will look great!

1- What have I learn with this activity? Which new things can I do now?
2- Am I satisfied with my work?
3- Was the activity difficult? Was it entertaining? Was it useful?

Reflecting after completing a task is really helpful. Looking at the final product and the process which lead you to it, you can identify what you learn and how, in order to apply the same methods in the future, and to feel proud about your new knowledge and capacities!

And here we have some reflections:

1-I learned new vocabulary about the interpretation of art, textures and this kind of things. Now I can express what I see or the texture of an object more easily.
2- I'm satisfied so I hope I'll pass the exam!!
3-It has been very difficult but quite useful.

1- With this activity I learned a little about one painting. Now I can describe a painting. 
2-Yes, because I like art and now I can do a new thing with the art.
3-Only finding a little information was difficult. I didn't have a lot of fun but I think that it is very useful.

And Otman's:
1- With this new way of working you learn to work with your computer in a cleaner way, without contaminating. I really enjoyed it.
2- Yes,very satisfied because whit this new way I can see the work I do and more people can see it, too.
3- No, the activity was very easy and useful.- maybe it's not easy at the beginning, but it is once you start writing. It is also entertaining, and I like this way of working.

So we may conclude that this new way of working is useful and a good idea. We learn how to work in a different way, how to find information, interpret it and then share our conclussions with the rest, using new technologies. I'm really happy you enjoyed this activity, at least a bit, and that you took some profit of it!! THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR WONDERFUL WORK!!

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  1. I have a little time to answer these questions so:

    -I learned a new vocabulary, the interpretation of textures and similar things.Now I can express what I see or the texture of an object more easily
    - I'm satisfied so I hope pass the exam!!
    -There has been very difficult but is quite useful