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Adjectives - describing people. Personality, appearance, clothes & fashion...

Here you can find some games to revise and learn adjectives and word order.
 Activity 1: appearance.
 Act. 2: appearance 2.
 Act. 3: appearance 3.
 Act. 4: personality.

More activities with useful vocabulary: describing a person.

Try also the following listening activity on personality types, and this video on describing people.

Why don't you create a gift describing some feelings? Use Giphy; or create a meme with Picmonkey or  Pixrl.

Do you want to learn more about adjectives and more adjectives of personality and appearance? Look at this!

And still some more! On personality:



And finally, some on feelings:

What is an adjective? Have a look at the following presentation.

Adjectives from GabbieAllTheWay7

One more set of adjectives, with audio.

MOODS (estados de ánimo)

1. SURPRISED (sorprendido/a)
Well, well! 
Good heavens! 
Did you really? 
2. ENTHUSIASTIC (entusiasmado/a)
Oh, I think it's wonderful!
Tennis is a great sport!
I can't think of anything better!
3. IN PAIN (dolorido/a)
Ouch! I've just cut my finger!
Phew! I thought you said that wouldn't hurt!
4. DISGUSTED (disgustado/a)
Ugh! How can you eat that stuff? 
Yuk! How can you eat that stuff? 
Eeugh! That looks awful! 
5. APPREHENSIVE (atemorizado/a)
Well, I don't know . . .
Oh, dear!
6. BORED (aburrido/a)
Mm, it's all right, I suppose, if you like that sort of thing.
Well, I don't worry either way, really.
7. ANNOYED-ANGRY (molesto/a-enojado/a)
You might have told me!
I don't think that's funny at all!
Would you please close the window!
He must have know, surely!
8. IRONIC (irónico/a)
Oh, yeah! Fantastic!
Opera? Oh, I love opera. I can't get enough of it.

EMOTIONS (emociones)

1. ABSOLUTELY AMAZED (estupefacto/a)
You say you've passed the exam? That's incredible! 
You never thought you'd pass, did you? 
2. DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED (muy decepcionado/a)
Oh no, that's really bad news. He'll be so upset. 
I really thought he stood a good chance. That's awful. 
3. THOROUGHLY ANNOYED (sumamente molesto) 
Oh, for goodness' sake! Can't you get anything right?! 
4. UTTERLY DISGUSTED (completamente disgustado/a) 
Ugh! You're not going to eat that, are you?! It looks dreadfull Ugh! 
5. THOROUGHLY EXHAUSTED (totalmente extenuado/a) 
Phew! After all that exercise, I'm worn out! Phew!
6. DEEPLY OFFENDED (profundamente ofendido/a) 
How could you've treated me like that! I just don't understand...
7. HIGHLY AMUSED (muy divertido/a)
That was very funny. Really - very, very funny!
8. ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED (categóricamente decidido/a) 
I'm going to finish putting this table together if it's the last thing I do! 
9. DEEPLY MOVED (profundamente conmovido/a)
I think that must be the most moving film I've seen for a very long time. 
It was done so beautifully. 
10. UTTERLY DEPRESSED (completamente deprimido/a)
I just don't feel like it, that's all. I just can't be bothered... 
I don't know... I just don't... I just don't want to do anything.

And now... let's practice! Describe these people: 

Describing people from Susana Sousa V

Finally ... why don't you do this awesome quizz on Fashion

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